Welcome to the Fundtech ACH User Group! 
The purpose of our organization is to:   

A.     Mutually exchange software and hardware knowledge and information of a general nature

B.     Discuss software enhancement requests sent to Fundtech or distributed by Fundtech.

C.     Invite and solicit participation from Fundtech or other related vendor representatives when required or requested by members.

D.     Represent the user group to potential or other Fundtech user groups.

E.     Coordinate training sessions as needed.

F.      Create category subcommittees as needed in specialized areas.

Our desire is to see the software enhancements completed so the system is as efficient and systematic as possible.  Each year the User Community sends in their vote of the top ten issues which are most critical for their particular institution.  These are finalized into one top ten listing and submitted to Fundtech for completion.  With the help of the Board, the Users, and Fundtech, we continue to see progress in this area.  In an effort to get those most critical issues addressed we need your input.  Please consider getting involved in our quarterly conference calls and submitting your top ten enhancements at each conference.  

Your Fundtech ACH User Group Executive Committee officers are ready to work for you.  We look forward to building a strong relationship with each User that will in turn help us to build a strong platform.



The Fundtech ACH User Group Board